Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Detour map to this Saturday's club meeting

Driving to our club meeting this Saturday will be a little trickier than usual.  Construction on Washington Street means that we'll have to detour to get to the library.  Here's a map.

The 'A' marker is the library.  Most or all of the intersections between Emerson and Arlington are closed on the south side of the street, so you cannot get to the library from Washington Street at all.  Instead, go south on Emerson or Arlington all the way down to Brookville.  Take Brookville to Audubon, and turn at Roscoe's Tacos (which has great food, by the way!).  Then take Audubon all the way back up to the library.

Just so you know, it is not hard to get a map image into a blog -- but I did have to learn the two-step process.  I had to paste a screenshot of the map from Google into Paint, and then save it as a jpeg file.  Anyhow, see you Saturday!

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