Thursday, February 2, 2012

A wide variety of show and tell

We had a visitor to our first meeting of the year -- Jenny works with Martha and, it turns out, she makes dolls too!  For show and tell, she brought a doll that she made in a class with Akira Blount, as well as decorative dolls she has made for sale.  Check out the delicate pencil-work used in her Akira doll's face.  We all hope we see Jenny again at future meetings!

Our next show and tell was a delightful Kewpie doll, all made of felt and currently in her 'all-together'.  Ann R. made her from a McCall's pattern (McCall's Craft 2995, available on ebay) which includes some adorable dresses, so I think we'll see her again, ready for company.
The next item up is not a doll at all, but a portable sewing kit.  It all fits into an eye-glass case, and was made by Andrea as a Christmas present her daughter.  This particular case is (just barely!) big enough to hold a pair of Fiskars 5" microtip scissors, which lay across the thread, the Altoids box holding buttons and snaps, and the pin cushion.
The last item started life as one of those crazy-cheap sinamay hats you can find for 29-cents at the craft store.  It has been used as a base for the lovely pink fabric that covers it.  The doll who wears it was a round-robin doll a few years ago, so I have no idea who created this accessory, but Leslie is the lucky owner now.
This picture is slightly larger than life-sized, so you can imagine how much care and skill went into those tiny, neat stitches.
Now we all have to work on our homework for the upcoming Leslie Molen class in early March!

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