Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Show and Sale, part 1

We had an amazing turnout for our 9th Show and Sale this year!  We all agreed it was our biggest crowd ever.  Thank you so much to everybody who came, and to all of the dollmakers who worked so hard to put it all together.  Now let's look at some pictures...

Indy Cloth Dollmakers
 9th Annual Show and Sale 2011
We'll just start at this end and walk around the table.  On the corner are two very cute Allison Marano pixies by Nita Butler.

Gillie Gherkin and Ivy
Above them you'll see Nita's Sherry Goshen doll, and a GwynnEllen fairy made by Katie Jones.  Katie's Aquarius doll is in the foreground; her full-length view is in the next photo.

N'Ambessa by Andrea Baughman was started in Leta Benedict's Bastet class at AFIC last spring.  (Her name comes from the Ethiopian word for lioness.)  Next to her is Dande's Dance by Katie Jones.  And beyond her, in blue, is Katie's doll Aquarius the Water Bearer, from our Zodiac Challenge with the River City Guild last May.
A lion woman and a dandelion woman
Next is one of Sandy Wildman's nativities, from a pattern by Barbara Shoenoff.  This is the first of four nativities that Sandy brought to display this year.
Nativity by Sandy Wildman
Her second, smaller nativity is made of painted gourds -- you can see them to the right of the seahorse, made by Erin Fry.
Weighing the Possibilities by Julie Gausvik and Lorena by Leslie Wright
Leslie's original doll Lorena is seated on Ann Reddick's hand-pieced diamond quilt.  Leslie also brought a photo album of the Izannah Walker-style dolls she created for her antique doll club.

display table and Annie Hesse workshop dolls
We've walked around the first half of the display table so far.  We'll finish our tour in the next post!

P.S.  This is our 50th blog post -- I'm glad we have such a great event to share on such a momentous occasion!

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