Friday, October 1, 2010

Leslie's GwynnEllen class

For our September meeting, Leslie created a original fairy doll to teach some new techniques, especially a cloth-overlay on a clay face.  Quite a few dollmakers journeyed to Leslie's house, where she hosted the two-day workshop.

Check out these work-in-progress pictures!
a picture from early in the class from Julie W.

Julie G.'s nearly finished fairy, sporting angelina wings

check out Martha's tattoos!

Nita's demure fairy hair-do

Katie's berry fairy

Ann R.'s rainbow fairy, sitting on her own custom leaf

We are missing pictures from two class members. Denise could only attend the first day of the weekend workshop, and therefore missed the group photo below. And Lauren, who is not a member (yet?), but who by all accounts did an outstanding job on her first doll ever in this class!

a group shot - Ann R., Martha, Julie G., Nita, Katie, Leslie, and Julie W.

Check back later for show-and-tell pictures of the finished dolls.  I'm sure we'll see them all completely done by the November Show.  (and if you believe that...)

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