Monday, May 9, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time at AFIC

We cannot say enough good things about AFIC, which makes us just like everybody else who went!  Seven of us, all told, made the trip to Columbus, Ohio for the convention.  Our far-flung members from southern Indiana and Illinois came too, and it was delightful to get to hang out with Denise and Barbara and Liz -- we don't see them nearly often enough.

Here's our 'local group' at the Hat and Heels Banquet on Thursday night, wearing very sedate and tasteful chapeaus.  Leslie won an award for the unique placement of her heels (no way was she putting them on her feet!).

Leslie, Katie, Andrea, and Jude
We also had a great time with the planned entertainment of the evening, which was to sew a dolly outfit in as confused and unorganized manner as possible, very quickly.  (Disclaimer: the event was planned very well -- all confusion was solely due to the participants!)

Hard at work

Working on Denise's idea: turn hair scrunchies into fashionable footwear.

Sewing so fast the fabric is a blur!
After not nearly enough time, and a rule change or two, we created this little lovely.  Our table CEO, teacher Patti LaValley invented a utterly impromptu story about our blue-haired granny, wearing her fuzzy slippers and her so-old-it's-retro ball fringe skirt while rocking her grandbaby.

Fortunately, the rest of our creations in all of the fabulous classes came out with a little more style!  Check back soon for more.

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