Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Lady Gaga edition of cloth doll show and tell

So our April meeting last week was packed absolutely full, with tons of show and tell, plus a swap meet, plus a photographer and a light tent to play with.  Altogether it will take two or three posts to share it all!  (We could actually have used two or three meetings to share it all, too, come to think of it.)

This post will feature an over-the-top original creation by Mary McNeely.  The doll was originally designed as an entry in the Black-on-Black Challenge last October.  Lady Gaga, for those who don't know, is a singer/songwriter who is also known for her edgy fashion style and her nearly impossible shoes.

Lady Gaga by Mary McNeely

A closeup of her fabulous eyelashes, as well as her button eyes, embroidered mouth, and star earrings

The pleather Lobster Boots (!), with chain loops above and beaded heels below

The "Bad Romance" pose
The next posts will have to wait until after AFIC -- five of us are going to attend the convention (and are sewing like mad to finish our homework!!!), and a few more are driving over just to see the exhibits, which will include our own club exhibit along with all the other fabulous dolls.  And vendors.  And more dolls.  And then some more shopping.  And probably even more dolls after that!

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