Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project for the March 2011 meeting

You asked for it, you got it!  After seeing one of these cute etuis (by Willow Hill Quilts), there were several requests, so the meeting in March will feature this very useful little sewing kit.  Below are pictures of the ones that Andrea and her mother Dale made, so you can see what we will be doing.  The finished size is about 5 inches tall, and 8 inches wide when open. The supply list was sent out by email, and will also be in the newsletter.
Andrea's is the blue one with embroidered felt flowers, and Dale added tatted lace medallions and a vintage button to her elegant red and black one.
Everything is very secure inside, so you can just toss it into a bag anytime you need to have the basic sewing tools with you.

Andrea added embroidery stitches, vintage buttons, and a touch of beading to hers.  The scissors are held in place by a snap sewn to a ribbon loop.   The thimble pocket flap is decorated with a band of fancy flowered ribbon.

Dale finished hers much earlier than Andrea did by using purchased trim for embellishment!  Her scissors are held in place by ribbon looped over a large bead.  The red ribbon on the left holds a bobbin, so she can easily cut off just the thread she needs -- great for hand-piecing on the go.
We originally found the pattern in an issue of Quilter's magazine, but the designer Becca LoGiudice of Willow Hill Quilts also sells the pattern for her 'Wool Etui' on her website.  Becca has been very nice to work with in setting up a way for us to make her pattern as a group.  Thank you!

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