Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pin Doll Sneak Peek

As you may know, we have been talking (for a couple of years?) about putting together a book of original pin doll designs.  It has taken a long time, but it looks like the club will finally, really have our very own pin doll pattern book!  The show-and-tell at February's meeting included some of the entries.

Want a sneak peek of some of the lovely designs that will be inside?  First up is Nita's very useful doll, Ima Pinkeeper, standing by with scissors at the ready.
Ima Pinkeeper, by Nita Butler
You will also find two sweet designs by Leslie.  Rosie has a definite Kate Greenaway air about her, and Punkin is a very tiny Waldorf-style baby doll.
Rosie and Punkin, by Leslie Wright
We can't share any more details than that, because they'll all be in the book!

Our hope and plan is to have some books ready to sell at the Saturday night swap meet at AFIC. So, cross your fingers and think good thoughts for Katie, who has volunteered for the formidable task of organizing our creative ramblings into something book-shaped. (Thank you, Katie!)

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