Saturday, January 16, 2016

January's demo - sheer fabric hems

The icy weather this morning kept some people home, so in case you couldn't make it to doll club today, here is a short version of the handout I made for our monthly demo.  We practiced two different hand-sewn hems on chiffon, and I collected several tutorial links for four different techniques for finishing sheer or slippery fabrics.  As they say, try this at home! -- Andrea

Hand-rolled hems:
and also this really excellent video:

Shell-stitch hems:
or this one which is sturdier, since it has running stitches between the shells:

Another idea I wanted to try was to do a horsehair braid hem.  Of course, that would be very heavy for such a light fabric, and often far too big for our doll scale.  However, I think the technique could be applied to a sheer wire-edge ribbon to get a similar effect on circle skirts or other skirts where you want that extra volume and movement.

Horsehair braid hems:
or this one, because I like to offer choices:

And lastly, a machine-stitched tiny hem, for those who can't get the stupid rolled-hem foot on their sewing machines to play nice for more than a few inches at a time.

BanRol hems:
You do have to click through the step-by-step pictures above, or check out method #2 in the link below:

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