Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Threads of Time Show and Sale

We had a blast at the Show and Sale this July.

First thing's first.  We need to show off all of the beautiful Australian Challenge dolls that were entered into the contest.

The Challenge Doll display

Ann C's couple Mr & Mrs Maple Tree Spirit

Barbara's challenge doll

Colleen Stine's challenge doll

Jude - Jilli the Tribal Queen

Julie G - Tinka

Julie W - Merinda

Kaite -  Cimara

Katie's Cimara won the People's Choice award!  
Liz's challenge doll

Martha's Tana

Nita's Deedle & Eddie

Nita's Kiwi the Bird Lady

We also had a large display full of every type of cloth or clay doll you can imagine.

Overall of the display

The display continues

Selling trims and pattern books for the club

Dolls by Katie, Julie G, Nita, and Martha

Dolls by Andrea, Katie, Janet and Jude's fairy house

Dolls by Katie, Virginia, Sue, and Julie G

Dolls by Nita nd Julie W

Julie G dolls and fairy house

Dolls by Mary, Julie G, Jude

Dolls by Andrea, Mary, Jude

Mary's Wild Ladies and Kathryn's patterns & Roly Poly dolls

Dolls by Katie and Ann C

Dolls by Ann C and Katie

Painted Ladies 

Dolls by Andrea, Katie, Julie G

Dolls by Nita, Maggie

Chun Woo display with dolls by Martha, Katie, Jude Julie G, Nita

Dolls by Jude, Nita

Martha's Three Phases of the Goddess

And here we are doing what we do best: Eating and Drinking and maybe some sewing!

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