Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mythical Being Challenge Dolls

Introducing our 2013 Challenge Dolls!
Y Ddraig Goch: A Welsh Dragon
Erin created her dragon using the intricate Kells Dragon pattern from Smallworks.
Mer: A Princess of the Bountiful Sea
Ann C. used a Leslie Molen pattern to create her pregnant mermaid.
Francine: A Centauress
Julie W. used a Pam Grose pattern to create her lady centaur.
MacMillan of the West Wind: A Banshee
Julie G. created her Banshee from a Susan Barmore pattern.
Willow: A Hamadryad
Katie's Willow doll is entirely original.
Merseea: A Princess Mermaid
Nita used a pattern by Arley Berryhill to create her mermaid.
Violet: A Jewelry Fairy
Jude created her tiny fairy using an Allison Marano pattern.
Brigid: A Sun Goddess
Vicki created an original design for her very first doll.

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