Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucy Landry's Embroidery class

More pictures from AFICC 2013 -- Two of us (Julie G. and Andrea B.) took Lucy Landry's embroidery class on Friday -- Embroidered Faces from Ancient Sources.  It was an excellent class, brimming with visual inspiration.
Lucy brought many of her own dolls, and the chance to really peer at the stitches up close and see how each one was used in different situations was wonderful.
She also let us peek at her notebooks, and walked us through the design process to create figures and characters based on very old artwork.
One technique she taught us to turn old imagery into our own personal interpretation was something she called 'nearly' blind contour drawing (because it's too hard to resist looking just a little bit!).
Here you can see the drawing that Andrea made while not really looking at the inspiration mosaic.  Details like curls and pupils were definitely added after, but the main lines were all drawn contour-style.
And here are the faces in progress near the end of the class.  We all had a great time and learned a lot.

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