Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the end of August

On August 20th, the Indy Cloth Dollmakers participated in WAMM Fest, an outdoor art fair in Greenwood, Indiana.  Check out our tent!

The sky was grey, but the weather stayed warm and dry.  Katie, Nita, Julie, and Martha brought most of the dolls, and put in an absolute ton of work to make the day a success.  We met a lot of talented people, including some potential new dollmakers and at least one new teacher.

We also came away with lots of ideas about displaying our work at the next event.  We will definitely add some hanging displays from the roofline next year (look at all that extra space above the dolls!), and we would like a banner to go across the front of the tent.

Below you will see a photo collage that Erin sent.  She offered to send each picture separately, but it looked so good all together that I just left it as it is.  Also, you should go see Erin's new blog at!

If we met you at the festival, we would love to see you at our September meeting.  Click on the Meeting Topics tab at the top to see what we're doing, and the Club Info tab to find place and time.

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