Friday, January 21, 2011

January 2011 Show and Tell

We had a wonderful meeting in January.  Everybody has obviously been busy in their sewing rooms, and actual finished projects were present in abundance!

Gwendolyn by Allison Marano, made by Denise Dodd
This stunning doll of Denise's probably garnered the most 'oohs' and 'aahs', with good reason.  She was started in a class with Allison in the fall of 2008, and features heat-distressed fabric and free-motion embroidery.

Weighing the Possibilities by Cindee Moyer, made by Julie Gausvik
Julie G. finished her doll from last August's workshop with Cindee.  Julie's favorite muted colors are really showcased in the delicate color blending in the bodice and sleeves.
Harlequin quilt, original design by Ann Reddick
Ann used the same paper foundation technique she has used on hexagon doll quilts in the past to create this amazing quilt.  There are nearly 150 diamonds in a design only about 12 inches wide, floating on a border print background of teal and gold.

We'll save the rest of the pictures for the next post.  Keep up the great work, dollmakers!

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flyingbeader said...

one word...GORGEOUS! Of of them are stunning.