Monday, December 6, 2010

People's Choice Award Winner

Remember the challenge dolls that were judged in October?  Well, they had their very own table at the doll show.
Our White-on-White or Black-on-Black 2010 Challenge Dolls
We collected nearly 90 votes, and the winner was.......

Percival Poulet! shown here with his chicken fan club also made by his creator Julie G.
Percival is made from elinor peace bailey's Chicken Shaman pattern
His harem are really pincushion chicks from a pattern that Katie figured out.  Percival also won the judges challenge and was Judge's Choice as well.  He is our club's first 3-way winner -- he really does just make you smile to see him in person!
   Here are the other challenge dolls:
Count Vladimir Blackula made by Marti, and Snowflake made by Ann R.

Quiddity by Erin

White Winged Wishes by Julie W., and Lilli White by Nita
Lilli White and Quiddity tied for second place; I think this is the first time that has happened, too.  Here are our proud winners:
Nita, Julie G., and Erin

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Tino said...

Yay Julie & Nita! (And me!) They were all great dolls!