Friday, July 23, 2010

July 2010 meeting

Attendance at our July meeting was still a little small this month, as many of our members are busy with summer activities.  But, those of us who were there had a wonderful time.  Show and Tell featured Julie G., who brought in her finished doll from the class with Leslie Molen at the Doll Gatherers GALA 2010 back in May.
The one-day class means she is a simple doll, but we all enjoyed her lace underskirt and the beautiful use of dyed lace on her head - it complimented her kimono fabric perfectly.  Nobody will ever know that she is wearing Fruit of the Loom briefs under that very proper and ladylike dress!

Nita also brought the Americana doll that she made for a Cloth Doll Artistry challenge.  This dollie is pictured in last month's Featured Artist bio of Nita, and she also talks about her inspiration on her own blog.

Next post -- Katie's lesson in needlefelting!

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Cyndy Sieving said...

I read about the blog on Doll Street Journal. thanks for letting us know. I love It. What a great way to share your group activities with others. Love It Love It Cyndy